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Volunteering Mornington Peninsula

How Volunteering Mornington Peninsula Works:

Organisations looking for volunteers:

Volunteering Mornington Peninsula provides an opportunity for community organisations to list their current volunteering vacancies and for volunteers to search a database of volunteering opportunities for one that meets their skills, experience and interests.

An organisation may list to more than one volunteering vacancy, for instance if they require a treasurer, gardener, etc. these will be separate listings.

You can register a volunteer vacancy and your organisation here

Volunteers looking for organisations / opportunities:

If you are a volunteer looking for an opportunity to help a local community organisation on the Mornington Peninsula, please register your interest to receive news about volunteering opportunities. Learn more about volunteering on the Mornington Peninsula Shire website

Resources for people who manage community organisations or co-ordinate volunteers:

Join the MP Volunteering Network for peer support, networking and training opportunities. Search Volunteer Management Training and Resources to help you in your role or find Resources to help Govern your community-based group or organisation

Strengthening Community Organisations:

The Shire provides professional development training and workshops to help community organisations or groups develop the skills necessary for building and maintaining healthy organisations!

Committee members or people who manage volunteers are welcome to attend any or all of the Effective Committees Workshops between Wednesday 9 May 2018 and Tuesday 11 September 2018
Check out the latest professional development opportunities, including the Effective Committees Workshops program on our NEWS page!

Looking to volunteer?

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Looking for volunteers?

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