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Australian Red Cross
Australian Red Cross - Balnarring Unit of Region 8B

*Fund Raising|*Transport (Medical)|*Telecross

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Australian Red Cross - Blood Service - Frankston

* Blood Collection Service / Blood donation centre|* A permanent blood collection centre, open five days weekly plus 1st and 3rd Saturdfays and most public holidays|* Donations taken whole blood, plasma and platelets

Australian Red Cross - Emergency Services - Mornington

* Single Incident Emergency Assistance|* REDiPlan Emergency Preparedness Community Educatio|* Psychological First Aid|* Register.Find. Reunite|* Emergency First Aid|* Food and Water

Australian Red Cross - Patient Transport Service - Mornington

* Transport to and from Melbourne hospitals for people who have an essential hospital appointment who live in Mornington or north of Mornington | - not further down the Peninsula as the Rosebud service is closed at present|* Short-term service up to six weeks. Following assessment, service may be provided according to availability of volunteer drivers|* Bookings from the hospital one week in advance, which must be confirmed by patient 3 days prior to appointment|* Clients have to have a medical condition, but be physically able-bodied to get in and out of a standard car unassisted, and have no other viable alternative means of transport|* Volunteer Drivers transport patients to and from the major hospitals

Australian Red Cross - Portsea/Rye/Sorrento

* Fund raising|* Welfare|* Telecross|* Red Cross calling