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Low Income Support Service

The Low Income Support Service (LISS) is designed to assist people to address issues that are impacting on their day-to-day lives.
LISS appointments are free and confidential, allowing clients to talk about what is most importance to them, to examine their situation and make informed decisions.
The LISS Worker can help with everything from budgeting and household bills, to getting connected to specialist support services or with a specific identified need.
The program is driven by the needs of the individual and can be as short as one visit to get a particular issue resolved or longer term to assist someone through challenging times and address multiple complex issues.

E-mail Address: margaret@spcsic.org
Southern Peninsula Community Support and Information Centre Inc

A free, confidential, impartial, independent & community-based support, information and referral service.

E-mail Address: admin@spcsic.org
Phone Number: 03 5986 1285